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Informations!Les billets peuvent être achetés le jour même à l'entrée. Il y a des réductions en ligne lorsque vous pré-réservez 24 heures avant votre arrivée. Le Lost World Playbarn vous oblige à porter (minimum) un t-shirt à manches (pas de débardeur), un short jusqu'aux genoux et une paire de chaussettes pour monter sur les toboggans. Veuillez lire la page "Ce qui est ouvert" pour plus de détails sur ce qui est disponible lors de votre visite !

Jungle Kingdom

Jungle Kingdom

The Jungle Kingdom Zoo at Knockhatch Adventure Park is an enchanting wildlife sanctuary, boasting a rich assortment of exotic animals and engaging interactive encounters.

Visitors have the chance to meet banded mongooses, coatis, meerkats, prairie dogs, short-clawed Asian otters, kookaburras, Moluccan cockatoos, blue and gold macaws, and Tunisian spur-thighed tortoises.
The glass-fronted open-air enclosures offer up-close and personal experiences.

Children can ascend to the summit of the meerkat enclosure, enjoy a thrilling slide down, and then explore the Jungle Splash area!

We saw the otters juggle stones!

Sarah, 32 yrs

Questions fréquemment posées:

When is the Jungle Kingdom open? Is the Jungle Kingdom included in entry? Can I feed the animals? Can I eat & drink in the Jungle Kingdom?
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Jungle Kingdom Rules

Upon entering Jungle Kingdom, you accept the risks involved and agree to adhere to the following rules:

Children must be supervised and accompanied at all times by a responsible adult

Please respect the animals in this area, it is their home

No running, shouting or rough play

No eating or drinking

Stay behind the barriers

Do not stand on the rocks

Do not lean over into any of the enclosures

Do not attempt to touch or stroke any of the animals. THE ANIMALS WILL BITE YOU

Do not feed any of our animals. They are on specialist diets, and you will hurt or possibly kill them

Follow the individual Jungle Splash Rules Follow the Meerkat Slide Rules

Knockhatch Adventure Park takes no responsibility for any lost or damaged personal items

Knockhatch Adventure Park cannot accept any liability for injury caused whilst in this area. Anyone breaking these rules may be asked to leave the Park with no refund given.